We wanted to take a moment to reflect on Helping Hand from the past, the present, and to the future.

Helping Hand Children’s Center when opened in 2006, was only the third Pediatric Extended Care Center in Pennsylvania. Hard to believe that it’s been eleven years since we opened our doors!

When we started per Pennsylvania State Law, we could only accept children with medical needs from newborn to the age of eight. Now the law has changed so that we have the ability to accept kids and adults up to the age of 21!

It’s an exciting period of time for our facility. In the past year alone, we have given our large building a total facelift with new paint and floors. Plus, we now have a newly updated playground which you can see in one of our videos on Facebook. Take a look at our Facebook page if you haven’t recently, we have a lot of new information and videos!!

When my partner, Pat and I, started Helping Hand, our main objective was to provide a place where our “kids” could interact with other children. The benefits of participating in activities and interacting with other children are invaluable in a child’s development.

We strive to help children with any and all medical diagnoses with our great experienced staff. Remember we are bilingual as well!

We recently had our annual State Inspection from the Department of Health, and the nurse inspector left impressed and expressed that she “would have no problem sending her kids to our facility.”

Seeing is believing and we encourage you to visit Helping Hand! Welcome this month to three new kids joining us, Daniel, Finnegan, and Aryanah!

Take care and we look forward to being of service in anyway that we can. Remember children can come to us for as little as one hour per day, and we are open from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Call Wanda at 717 600 5443 with any questions that you may have.