An Alternative to Children’s Home Healthcare

HH-Expertise-&-Services-ResizedHelping Hand Children’s Center provides an alternative to in home nursing care. A child can receive the same services that they could receive from home care at Helping Hand with additional benefits including, but not limited to:

-Social interaction with peers
-Structured daily activities
-A well staffed facility where a “call-off” does not result in parents being forced to miss work.


Benefits of Helping Hand For Children

Consistent, highly skilled pediatric nursing care results in fewer hospital admissions and emergency room visits during their young lives.

Activities, interaction with other children, and the therapies your child receives provide the physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulation that he or she needs to live a fuller, happier life and reach developmental potential.

We work closely with other agencies and organizations in the area to assist with transitioning children from Helping Hand to school programs that will meet their educational needs.

Our testimonials tell the story of our impact on children and their parents.


Benefits of Helping Hand For Parents

Parents receive information and assistance in managing the needs of their medically fragile and/or technology dependent children. You can return to work or school with peace of mind, knowing that your child is taken care of by a committed, professional staff in a comforting environment.

Parents receive needed respite from the stress of caring for a medically fragile child, enhancing the emotional and psychological well being of the family.

Our parents are encouraged to participate in parent meetings with other families with medically fragile children. We also answer questions and provide information in any way that we can.


For more information, you can contact us or book your own tour of our Center.