HH-Announcements-resizedQ: Must a child attend Helping Hand all day, every day?

A: Insurance approves the number of hours and days per week that a child may attend Helping Hand per parents work/school schedules. A child may attend full time, part time, or half days to meet the needs of the family.

Q: Will my insurance pay for Helping Hand?

A: Helping Hand maintains contracts with the following medicaid programs: Gateway, United Healthcare Community Plan, and Aetna Better Health. Helping Hand will offer you assistance in helping to switch to one of these programs if you currently do not have any of the above listed insurances.

Q: Does Helping Hand provide “respite care”?

A: Helping Hand does not provide unscheduled “respite” or “drop off” service. Insurance companies require that parents be working or in school for a child to attend.

Q: Is Helping Hand open on weekends and holidays, and what are the hours of daily operation?

A: Helping Hand is closed on weekends and major holidays. The hours of operation are 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday.

Q: Does Helping Hand accept children without medical needs?

A: No. Currently, Helping Hand is strictly for children with a medical diagnoses and approved by the child’s insurance company.

Q: How Do I Enroll My Child?

A: Contact Helping Hand @ 717-581-1050, or use our online scheduler tool to schedule a tour.