“When our son Steven was discharged from the NICU, he arrived home on oxygen, an apnea monitor, and had an NG tube. Because of all of his medical equipment, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone. Feeding a baby eight times a day through a feeding tube in his nose was terrifying. But then I got to know the nurses at Helping Hand. Not only were they extraordinarily competent with Steven’s medical equipment, I could tell that they genuinely loved our son. For the first time in Steven’s entire life, I was able to leave him with another person and know that he would be perfectly taken care of. Which, in turn, enabled me to better care for my own patients. I am happy to report that both Steven and his twin sister Margaret are thriving, due largely in part to the care they have received at Helping Hand.”

Dr Melissa Crognale, Lancaster, PA

“Helping Hand has been a blessing to us! The pediatric nurses are wonderful, and they will go out of their way to accommodate for our son’s needs. We are so glad to have found a place that provides a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for our son. Since has has been there, he has made great strides and is thriving! As working parents, we have found more than a daycare facility, we have found a team of medical caregivers who are there for our son and will fill in for us in our absence.”

Tria Y., York, PA

“An experience at Helping Hand Children’s Center is one of encouragement, compassion and support. Having a child with special needs can be a difficult transition for any family, and entrusting others with their care can be especially difficult…but each day I go to work with confidence that my daughter is being loved, snuggled, and cared for by a team of amazing nurses and support staff. The smile on her face at the end of day says it all. We love Helping Hands!”

The Majors Family Paradise, PA

“Helping Hand has provided excellent child and medical care for our son. We are beyond pleased with the staff that works there. They are warm, welcoming and professional. We are so happy we found them and we know that each day our son is given the best care and is extremely happy.”

Josh and Cara S., Lititz, PA

“When our boys were first diagnosed, we did not know what we were going to do.  They now needed medications and pulmonary treatments multiple times a day.  Then we heard about Helping Hand Children’s Center and it was as if our prayers had been answered.  From the first day we toured the facility to present, the nurses and staff have been beside us every step of the way.  We truly do not know what we would do without them!”

Jennifer M., Lancaster, PA

“Helping Hand Daycare provided childcare for my son from the time he was at home for one month from the NICU until he was four years old. My son was three months premature. He came home on oxygen and monitors and had many issues related to prematurity. Leaving your child with a daycare is scary for any first time parent. But for a parent of a child with special needs, it takes your anxiety to another level. I first sent my son to another provider. I was constantly worried. I was told about Helping Hand while my son was in the NICU so one day I decided to stop in and inquire. I spoke with the woman in the office and she gave me a tour. I had a great experience that day. We started the paperwork and in a few short weeks my son was there. I felt so comforted knowing that a nurse was taking care of my child at all times. I no longer had to worry constantly. Through the years that my son was there, I was able to see how the staff truly does take wonderful care of the children. This staff is very special. My son had such a great experience there. He still tells me all the time how he misses his old daycare. I certainly cannot replace Helping Hand. They have set the bar very high for other childcare providers. I would recommend for parents of children with special needs to take advantage of such a wonderful daycare. They will go over and beyond for your child.”

Kateri H., Mountville PA


“We were told about Helping Hand from our Specialist at Hershey Med and from our Pastor at Church. We brought our daughter, who was about 8 months old, to Helping Hand. She spent 6 months in Hershey since she was born 12 weeks early. She had various things that needed special medical attention. Helping Hand provided that service to us. I know as a parent I was uncomfortable, but deep down I had a sense of peace about it since all the people employed are nurses and LPN’s. Over the next several years my husband and I watched her thrive. We would get daily reports showing her gaining weight, and eventually the biggest thing ever- eating! The staff became such a special part of our life and the life of our daughter that this year when she started pre-school it was a very bitter-sweet day for us all. When we pass Helping Hand, she says “Look mommy, my friends!” She misses it, and I know that Helping Hand will always be a very special part of our lives.”

Helena J., Ephrata, PA


“Helping Hand Children’s Center was a lifesaver for me, my daughter, and my family. After having my daughter prematurely, I knew that she would need specialized care when I went back to work. As much as I would have loved to stay home with her, it just was not possible, and I felt Helping Hand could give her the care and attention she needed and deserved. The nursing staff is great and went out of their way to accommodate my family’s needs. I would highly recommend Helping Hand Children’s Center to any family struggling with having to work and provide the best care for their child with medical needs.”

Emily G., Delta, PA